A Daring Plan

A Daring Plan

Horses are naturally curious- just like people. For example… If a child were to lie down in a field where horses are grazing, it is likely that the herd will eventually wander over to see what’s happening. It might take a minute, waiting there, looking up at the sky. Then there’s the sound of hoofbeats approaching... Soft noses blow warm, sweet air as the group evaluates the little joker lying in the grass. There is the feeling of being very small while seeing other creatures from a completely different perspective.  Maybe you have a memory like that, from the uncomplicated days of youth.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Perhaps you have played this trick too often, and they have lost interest. Or perhaps they have learned that you are trying to catch them, with a few pellets, and the halter you have hidden behind your back.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this…. Well, I’ll tell you. I am the child; in the scene, I have just described. And you- dear readers, are the horses.

You may suspect that I lured you here to my little corner of the internet, to try to make you buy my wares. Or maybe you think I am attempting to establish myself as some type of lifestyle guru- (which I am not.) The truth is that I enjoy sharing some of my thoughts about life, which makes this a journal- that I don’t mind other people reading.

The idea of perception is a very complex matter, as we all keep an entire world in our minds, that no one else can see unless we share it somehow. And even then, there is a chance that we will be unintentionally misunderstood because everyone’s perspective is unique. Also, the things that we share are only a glance into the unknown. Even the people closest to us, do not know us completely.

By making things, we can show an aspect of ourselves to the world that words alone cannot fully describe with the same accuracy.

All handmade items represent the skills, choices, and preferences of the maker. The colors and fabric of a quilt illustrate what the quilter finds beautiful. Handmade things are a record of time, that was spent in an industrious way, free from distraction, that future generations may hold in their hands.

A meal made at home is another form of declaring who we are, as the recipe, and ingredients are chosen by the cook- who may have a strong preference for garlic or reverence for cornmeal. It is also an act of love, by taking the time to make good food that will provide nourishment and energy for the people who eat it.

And now for a risky proposition- that if I’m being honest- probably has very little chance of success, but I will bravely attempt anyway... Here goes.

I extend an invitation- to you, to step forward, and join a new little world of makers that I have created. Share photos of your projects with others- for the reasons I have just given, in an esteemed group of like-minded individuals, united by a common purpose.  It's called the Monday Maker Society.   I've included the link at the bottom of this post.

Consider it an informal exchange each week- if you have a project in progress. I will be sharing things like Halloween costumes, a paper sculpture I'm working on, as well as some results from my unending "Dinner Idea Recipe Quest." 

We each have a unique perspective- fully known only to ourselves, but everyone is the same, in the ways that matter. We all need to find some comradery, now and then. The only way that happens, is if we share.

Happy Monday!



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