Handmade Dreams

Handmade Dreams

I’d like to start by telling you that I often prefer listening to my old-fashioned CD collection, instead of the modern options available. Even when I'm feelin' nostalgic, there are only a select group of CDs that can be listened through completely, without skipping a single song.

One member of that illustrious group is - KT Oslin’s "Greatest Hits - Songs from an Aging Sex Bomb." The title describes the album perfectly, and it made a big impression on the 11, or 12-year-old me, when I heard it. I admired the attitude, and confidence that KT sang with.  I sometimes imagined myself as an adult, handling whatever came my way, or inviting a handsome fellow out for a ride in my new car, like she did in one of her songs.  

KT Oslin wrote music about the full life that she’d lived, in the years before she finally scored a record deal with a major label, at the seasoned age of 45. While you may not be familiar with her music, I feel certain that you will be able to imagine the satisfaction she must have felt over her "late-breaking" success in a very competitive industry.

The world is most interested in the possibilities of a young person’s future; those 18-year-olds that we all were for one brief moment, before the twists, and turns of adulthood took most of us away from our big dreams.

We still have the right to pursue an idea, or plan that is ours alone - even if it seems impossible at its inception.

We also need to appreciate the value that we have gained through the experience of living, and remember that we are still magnificent, even if we are no longer particularly young.

I’m adhering to my very own KT Oslin-style plan at this very moment. At the age of 43, I continue my quest as the determined creator of a small handmade business/mother of three...

My plan has evolved over time.

There have been dark moments, and shows that were an absolute failure- (complete with yodeling) - which have caused me to falter occasionally.

In addition to the encouragement of a small but dedicated group of fans, two things have kept me going... 

The first, is that I believe in my vision.  It's out there in the future- a beautiful, and complete thing, that I can see in my mind, and work toward every day. 

The second thing, is that I cannot imagine finding another path that gives me this kind of satisfaction, joy, or personal fulfillment. 

So, like KT Oslin, I'm still working on getting my "record deal." No matter your age, or stage in the game- I hope that you are too.

Happy Monday! 


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