Tomatillo Ranch Salad Dressing

Scotland's Finest Salad

 I’d like to start by saying that everyone should feed their family whatever they think is best, without comment, or judgement from anyone else- including me.  That being said, I happen to like vegetables- a lot.  And that's what I like to cook.  Vegetables.  Of all kinds.  Delicious.

During our family trip to Scotland, the Captain was eager to share the culinary delights of his homeland with our children, who had not been back to the country of their birth since we moved to Montana.  And so, for three weeks, our three kids followed a diet that came to be known as the  “Full Scottish.”  They sampled every variety of recommended Scottish treats- such as Tunnock's Chocolate Coated Carmel Wafer Biscuits, and Jammie Dodgers.  They also drank as much IrnBru- (a fizzy orange soft drink) as they could get their little hands on, at gatherings with Scottish family, and friends. 

During our four-day visit to the Isle of Skye, the children enjoyed lettuce-free streaky bacon sandwiches from the local shop for lunch, and takeaway fish and chip suppers in the evening- without a single vegetable in sight, after a busy day of trudging around the island in the rain, and mist. 

On the second morning of our Skye tour, I experienced a dramatic craving for something green, so I bought salad, along with a side of hummus.  During our lunch break, I crouched on a mossy log, and consumed my leafy prey straight from the bag, with a voracious satisfaction that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I marveled over the glorious textures, and flavor of my exquisite meal, later that afternoon, as the children tried to enjoy themselves at the beach, while navigating the bracing water, in the brisk wind, and driving rain, on a fine Scottish summer day.  

 Upon our return to Montana, I triumphantly began serving up more vegetables than ever before.  I am also working on an exciting new art project, inspired by the events that I have just described.  

  And now for my very favorite Tomatillo Ranch salad dressing recipe…  In order to give proper credit, I probably found the original recipe here.  I’d also like to add that I am not affiliated with Blendtec in any way.  I've included my own changes beside some of the ingredients, which you may, or may not agree with...

 First, find all the parts for your blender.  A smaller size works best.  Add the following ingredients…

 1 cup plain yogurt

½ cup milk

1 medium tomatillo    I usually add two of these little beauties.

1 jalapeno- seeded.  

1/3 cup of cilantro-   I add the tops of an entire medium-sized bunch, because l love the taste.

2 cloves garlic-   As a serious garlic enthusiast- if I’m only using two cloves, they’re going to be from an elephant-sized bulb of garlic. 

½ avocado- feel free to add extra – especially if you’ve gotten your hands on a good ripe one.

½ tsp. sea salt

½ tsp dried dill.   Feel free to go for it here too, and throw in a bunch.  Dried herbs do not pack the same flavor punch as fresh ones.

¼ tsp black pepper- I never add this. I don’t use pepper for anything.  I’m starting to feel like I have created my own recipe.

½ tsp paprika-- Usually a no-go on this ingredient too because I can never find it in the cupboard when I need it.

1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar- I use regular white vinegar, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I do not know the difference between the vinegar that has wine in its name, and the one that does not, and also- I don’t care.

½ tsp Worcestershire sauce   I throw in a little extra here too, because it tastes nice.

 And now for my secret ingredient!  Just before blending this magical concoction, feel free to sneak in some actual Ranch Dressing Mix for a little sinfully authentic Ranch flavor.  Maybe just a spoonful, or maybe the whole packet- it’s your party!

 After blending, you may find that the dressing needs a splash of milk to thin it down just a little, or you may find the savory pudding consistency is just to your liking. 

 I'm proud to announce that this recipe has the approval of my eldest child, which is something she does not give easily these days- especially to me.   

Happy Monday!


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