The Six Most Important Qualities For a Pair of Best Everyday Earrings.

The Six Most Important Qualities For a Pair of Best Everyday Earrings.

What are the qualities of a pair of earrings that have earned the esteemed title of “Best Everyday Earrings?”

It is a matter of personal preference, and style of course, but here is a list of attributes that such a pair of earrings should have. Durable, distinctive, comfortable, timeless, and reasonably priced.

1. Everyday earrings should be well-made, and strong enough to withstand regular use.

2. Everyday earrings should be distinctive and add a little sparkle to your day- even if you prefer to work alone, and no one else is around to compliment the state of your effortless glamour.

3. If you’re going to be wearing the earrings often, they should be comfortable, and not too heavy. Heavy earrings will eventually cause the earlobe to lengthen and may prove to be uncomfortable if you happen to be wearing them while riding a horse, or cutting loose on the dance floor.

4. Everyday earrings should have a timeless style that goes well with wherever the day takes you. Grown-ups know how unpredictable life can be, but by equipping ourselves with a classic style of earrings, we will at least be able to look great while calmly handling an unexpected turn of events.

5. A nice pair of handmade earrings should be reasonably priced. The cost should represent the maker's time, and materials required to produce a quality product.

6. Handmade jewelry represents a connection between the wearer and the maker, which makes it an old-fashioned record of time, and a special gift to give yourself, or someone else. Most things in our modern life happen immediately like text messaging, Amazon orders, and the endless variety of apps that make things happen without any human element.

You are probably not surprised to find that I have created a pair of earrings that fulfill the rigorous requirements that I have set forth. The Rae Ann style of earring is my favorite pick for the “best everyday earring.” It even has a distinctive hammer finish. The earring wire has been tested for strength and durability in the field, by cowgirls who rode horses, chased cows, and later dozed off by a warm fire. The Rae Ann earrings were along for the whole adventure. This style is also a favorite of professional gals who work in offices, go to meetings, and don’t own any cows. It’s the perfect everyday earring.

When you buy a pair of Rae Ann earrings, you’ll own a little piece of my time, recorded in the twists, and hammer marks of genuine sterling silver. I only make things that are built to last. You will also be able to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a maker’s dream come true, by supporting a handmade business.

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