About Deva

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals and Jewelry from MSU-Bozeman.  I design each piece of jewelry to be lightweight, and durable enough to wear every day- whether it means dressed up for a special occasion, or a little added sparkle for the workday. 

I was born, and raised in Montana. My watercolor artwork reflects my appreciation for the history of the old west, and for the childhood summers I spent on horseback, in Montana's beautiful wild backcountry.

Handmade items connect us to our past, through the use of traditional tools, and methods, and to each other- as they are a tangible record of how the minutes, and hours in a maker's life were spent.

I am a one-gal operation. My earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are all handmade with care, from start to finish, using high-quality materials.  My jewelry is designed, fabricated, photographed, packaged, and shipped by me- from my workroom here in Billings, Montana.

The Arrow and Petal Series

The Arrow and Petal Series

Hammer-finished silver jewelry inspired by organic shapes, and textures.  Durable, and lightweight... 

  • Just received the earrings! They are absolutely gorgeous. -Susan

  • Beautiful work by a very talented person. - Kari