The Slayton Name in Montana's History

In 1908, Daniel and Lizzie Slayton opened the Slayton Mercantile in Lavina, Montana.  They supplied the town, and surrounding communities with everything from food, to tractors, and Ford cars.  Daniel Webster, or D.W. was also one of the founders of the First Bank of Lavina, and operated the post office from his mercantile for 12 years.  He was also elected county commissioner of Fergus County, and served two terms in the state senate.  The family also owned a successful ranch that had grown to include 5,500 sheep, and 2,000 lambs by the year 1897.  In addition to their other endeavors, Daniel and Lizzie Slayton had five children.  Their first-born was Lydia Slayton- my great-great grandmother.

The Slayton Mercantile still stands in Lavina, and bears the Slayton name, though it is no longer in operation.  As a tribute to the history of Montana, and my family, I chose this name to represent my artwork, my handmade sterling silver jewelry, and my own "online mercantile."  Thanks for stopping by!