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Slayton's Original Artwork

Allene Pure Silver Bracelet

Allene Pure Silver Bracelet

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Make a statement with the pure silver Allene style bracelet, hammer-formed from a one-inch wide piece of fine silver.  The total length is six inches, with a one inch gap.  This size fits the average sized wrist.  All of the edges are softened during the finishing stage, to ensure a comfortable fit.  

As the metal is shaped, it becomes work-hardened.  The finished piece will maintain its form, with a little flexibility for an easy on/off.  One of the many beautiful features of pure silver is that it will not tarnish- as it is copper free,(compared to sterling silver.)  Every bracelet comes with its very own Sunshine polishing cloth.

As always- if you have questions about size, or anything else- please ask before you buy.  I want to send you something that you will love, and want to keep.  Measure your wrist with a sewing tape to ensure a good fit.  If your wrist is larger, or much smaller than seven inches- this piece will not fit.  

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